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Customized, measurable progress – holistic approach


Organization – culture – team – individual assessments

With target focused valuations we

  • Highlight current level of efficiency
  • Enable traceability of development and impact


Prerequisites for holistic, credible, and successful development include the strategic selection of processes and tools.

Our tools: Training – coaching – workshops – mentoring


Applying new-found knowledge and skills requires time and attention.

Through follow-up, we speed up the implementation process, which will noticeably unburden the management.


Sensa excels in offering customized solutions, which allow for sustainable organizational development and efficiency, whilst generating desired results. 


Development poses significant risks as it is deemed an investment.

Whether you’re a CEO or work in HR, work with Sensa for a sense of security


Everyone is happy when a team learns something new and valuable –

But what happens afterwards?


During Sensa trainings and throughout the development process, the focus is on individualized practical learning, growth, and action learning.


Soft skills are hard to measure. The common denominator between HR and the CEO are numbers.


Sensa makes areas deemed unmeasurable measurable, and exposes progress, or in certain cases, the lack thereof.


Someone must be an HR polymath if they can maintain to be creative within the rigid confinements of a large organization.


Sensa projects include HR admin support. We undertake several tasks with our dedicated operational project managers.


We consider it important that the implemented projects generate value for our partners’ businesses, with a high return on investment.



By partnering with Sensa and utilizing state-of-the-art consulting and training methods.

It is challenging to achieve sustainable competitive advantage even with the help of a team with decades of experience. We, however, can guarantee this for our clients.

Our development programs primarily impact the following areas:

  • Generative learning – commitment to development
  • Results-driven, problem solving approach
  • Strategy implementation, reinstating culture
  • Elimination of outdated routines, visible development

What we excel at

Leadership Development

Conscious and agile thinking, client-oriented culture, commitment to delivering quality and result.

Client Communication

Effective, proactive, and goal-oriented management of external and internal customers, problem-solving approach

Relevant Content

Development of industry and/or job specific skills and collaborative approaches, increase personal efficiency 

Leadership Development

  • Performance management
  • The efficient leader
  • Operational sales management
  • Active sales strategy
  • Measurement based development
  • Innovation in practice
  • Key account management

Sales Development

  • Sales
  • Key account management
  • Successful negotiation
  • Persuasive presentation
  • Operational sales management
  • Active sales strategy
  • Goal oriented customer management

Improve Personal Efficiency

  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • Conflict management
  • Successful negotiation
  • Persuasive presentation
  • Innovation in practice
  • Goal oriented customer management


  • Corporate business development
  • Lean management
  • Organizational development
  • Sales consulting
  • Marketing consulting
  • HR consulting
  • Strategy formulation

International Experience

Sensa is a member of the Gyroscope International international consulting partners network.

With the use of streamlined processes, the execution of international projects is in line with local conditions, fit to a global scale.

There is continuous organizational learning and knowledge transfer within our consulting community, thus, the expertise of Sensa consultants is always expanding.






Noteworthy Achievements

FMCG company

Sales department


Successful cooperation, intensive development program.
Impacted teams: sales, telesales, management

Application rate increased by 46%.
The team broke out of mundane routine.

Market share increased by 4% within a declining market

Energy Sector

Sales department


Quantity, quality, scope evaluation.
Significant development in practice and collaboration of sales staff and management.

Sales QTQ increased by 46.3%, ETF increased by 28%

Financial Sector

Telesales development

Goal is to increase contracts.
Practical training, intensive development program.


A fivefold increase in signed contracts.


400% return on investment

Pharmaceutical Industry

Skills development


Targeted and customized training and development program based on individual needs.


Development of 48% of total employees


Average of 96.2% satisfaction rate measured throughout the program.


Who we are


We have been working together for over 10 years. For the duration of projects, we cluster into teams, allowing us to remain flexible and efficient, paying special attention to assigning the most qualified and seasoned trainers for each project.

We provide a team of experts who can become proactive partners with the use of their industry knowledge, development skills and professional experience.

Ferenc Makó

Ferenc Makó

Organization civil engineer, MBA, Senior organization development, trainer, coach

Piroska Nagy

Piroska Nagy

Economist, Senior Organizational Developer, Trainer, Coach

Andor Tímár

Andor Tímár

Actor, Senior Trainer, Coach

Gábor Körtvélyessy

Gábor Körtvélyessy

Mechanical and process engineer, Senior organization developer, trainer, coach

Krisztina Miklós

Krisztina Miklós

Work and organization psychologist

Szilvia Béres

Szilvia Béres

Senior organizational developer, Project manager, coach

Edina Dankó

Edina Dankó

Economist, Key Account Manager

Brigitta Maksai

Brigitta Maksai

Economist, Senior Organizational Developer, Trainer, Coach

Mária Nagy

Mária Nagy

Economist, Senior Organizational Developer, Coach

“I opened up, let my guard down, laughed a lot, was surprised a lot, loved the examples, the music also contributed to the great ambiance. Thank you.”

“The most useful was the individualized part – when we asked a million questions smile – it was well coordinated with the material.”

“It was very practical. We received applicable and relevant solutions for the obstacles that arose.”

“I really liked the cultural approach to leadership, discussing related topics, and practical solutions. It was dense but incredibly valuable and progressive.”

“I finally received answers to my questions! I loved the practical approach to problem solving, the dynamism.”


“Showed an opportunity for development in line with our experience and respective fields. I would love a follow up training.”

“What I’ve learned can be applied in real life. It’s great and I can improve myself, become more efficient.”

“Concrete exercise, perfect presentation, illustrative examples, well prepared trainer.”


Frequent feedback

Loved it – practice oriented – customized – well applicable – concrete scenarios – perfect presentation – illustrative examples – effective – prepared trainers

Case Studies

There is no second place in sales – How to be first?

One of the most vital activities of a company operating in a competitive market is to attract, win, and retain customers. The rule of thumb in sales is that there is no runner-up; you have to be the market leader in order to increase your market share.


Therefor the preparedness and efficiency of the sales force is crucial for the success of the company.

As there is a clear correlation between readiness and results, the return on investment for development can be easily demonstrated. An eightfold increase is possible in the results of a mediocre versus an outstanding sales agent. Finding an exceptional sales agent is not easy, especially since many believe the misconception that one is born for sales. Though selection process is key, we believe that good people can great sales agents.


 What areas of development are recommended for sales agents:

  • Sales communication

A salesperson should be able to successfully complete the sales process, from creating interest, to assessing needs, to excuse management, to closing. Let your customer decide, but don’t let them say no!

  • Customer segmentation, analysis, planning

In addition to communication, sales also incorporates strategic elements. Who would make a great customer, and where do the opportunities and threats lie within a market full of competitors. Our efficiency and work are greatly affected by what we do between our client meetings. How do we prepare, and how do we assess our performance and results.

  • Self-reflection, knowledge

The more we accept our personality, the more we can use it to our advantage. The key to success is believing that we can, and we will! Sales is not solely based on rationality; it is also impacted by emotional factors, such as the faith in ourselves, confidence in our products and services, and our assurance towards the clients.

Improve personal efficiency


Personal effectiveness and efficiency begin with the employees’ own understanding of their role; what they are paid for, what the expectations are of them. It can be observed, even in larger organizations, that it is difficult for employees to articulate their own role and the value they bring to the company,


and even more challenging for them to connect these to the corporate mission, values, goals, and strategies.

If someone is not entirely clear about their own role, they can face the following challenges:


  • They are uncertain what’s important about their jobs, therefor they cannot allocate their time and resources effectively.
  • They are often in conflict with the clients and partners (internal and/or external)
  • Constantly generates problems for upper management and pull down the team, and as a result they feel bad
  • They displace their own mistakes onto others. Blame others for their mistakes, whether that be the colleague, manager, company, or even the client.
  • Damages company culture, or at least does not contribute to a positive company culture


Therefore, any development of personal effectiveness should be based on their specific role; if the employee understands this, not only can they become proactive, but innovative and forward thinking, resulting in a sense of dedication and accomplishment. The emphasis is on a shift in attitude, so that instead of just surviving, the employee can focus on creating value and becoming more efficient.


What areas can be improved with our help:

– Role, task, activity, preparedness – understanding the role to implement the personal development plan

– Time management, resource management

– Conflict prevention and effective conflict resolution

– Emotional Intelligence (EI)

– Positive thinking, stress management, self-reflection, self-control

– Assertive communication

– Negotiation skills

– Presentation skills

– Innovation


Learn more about our services and trainings.

Fourfold return on telesales training

Sensa Consulting was entrusted by a market leading bank with the development of its telesales team. The telesales agents received a list of potential clients and contacted those who may be interested in signing a contract with the bank.


Sensa, in line with its philosophy, sought to identify and achieve measurable results. The goal was for telesales to significantly increase the number of contracts and, as a result, the bank’s revenues from the incoming leads. The intensive two-week development program consisted of trainings and personal coaching, tailored to the scope of the products. Every participant had the opportunity to receive feedback at least three times.

Although the time spent on customer management increased significantly, by 60%, the increased efficiency was offset by this. The telesales team generated five times as much revenue in the two weeks following the training as the bank invested in the entire training process, translating to a 400% ROI in merely half a month.

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